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Jefferson Portrait

About Me/ Us

I am a webmaster, a former Quaker, a former Roman Catholic Jesuit seminarian, a former student of two other religions, and a Heating and Plumbing contractor. I consider myself to be one who has always had a deep interest in religious matters. I live in Saline, Michigan, and will be moving to the San Francisco area this summer. I'm currently 58 years old, and it is my aim to assure that the Jeffersonian Church teaches and disseminates, as faithfully as possible, the religious philosophy of Thomas Jefferson. I do not know how many others might be willing to assist or participate in this endeavor, but as I have only just begun, the assistance of the first few who might seem willing and able would be most greatly appreciated. In accordance with what I believe would have been the wishes of President Jefferson, once properly established, this church is to be ran along fully democratic lines. If you might like to assist in the very earliest stages of this endeavor, please contact me.


Scott Perry

Clerk, Jefforsonian Church of America